Providing Steam and Green Carpet Cleaning Service at Lake Forest

Steam and green carpet cleaning are just one of the most popular choices of many people, among the many methods of cleaning carpets.  It is because steam cleaning is safer to do and we only use eco-friendly cleaning solutions. It will not cause damage to the carpet and to the environment in particular. Steam and Green Cleaning Service offers wide range of cleaning services including carpet cleaning. We provide our services anywhere near Lake Forest, so don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you need carpet cleaning service Lake Forest.

Steps In Steam Carpet Cleaning Process


In this stage, you need to inspect the carpet in your home.  The in-charge, will then inform you what will transpire during the process and you also need to tell them everything you want to happen or your expectation.

Remove pet hairs first through vacuuming

In homes, where there are some pets, it is necessary to do a pre-vacuum on the carpet.  It is good to make cleaning of the carpet easier.Re-arrange the furniture’s that blocked the cleaning processHowever, after the cleaning, the technicians are obliged to return the furniture’s back into position.  

Pre-spraying the carpet

This is done to make stains and dirt softer and comes out for easily removed. There are spots that cannot be remove easily and the procedure should be repeated, until full satisfaction is achieve.Extraction and rinsing the carpet, using state of the art equipment. Standard procedures must also be observed.Remove Bad OdorsA deodorizer is also applied, to remove hard to get odors.  The result is a fresh and cleaner smell of your carpet.

Fast Drying Time

After the procedure, it will undergo speed drying to make it dry as soon as possible for same day carpet cleaning service. We use high-end carpet cleaning materials.

Lake Forest Steam and Green Carpet Cleaning Service

Steam and Green Carpet Cleaning Service is available in Lake Forest.  We can provide you with solutions of your carpet problems. If carpet cleaning is your concern, don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime of the day. We will gladly help maintain your home or office carpets so you will have a clean and safe place to live. For office maintenance, we can provide scheduled maintenance for carpet cleaning and other services. Call us today for inquiries and quotes.For more information about our green steam carpet cleaning Lake Forest, please Contact Steam & Green Carpet Cleaning Lake Forest.