Tustin Carpet Cleaning Service for over 10 years.

Orange County loves green carpet cleaning solutions. Orange County in general has high awareness to the environment and keeping it safe. Tustin is among the cities in Orange County that lead this trend with high demand for green carpet cleaning services. Tustin Carpet Cleaning service offered to you by Green Carpet Cleaning Lake Forest, will make sure you save money on your carpet cleaning maintenance. It has been over 10 years for us to have served our customers with Tustin carpet cleaning services as well. Among our services you can find upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning and dryer vent cleaning.A thorough carpet cleaning process would include the penetration of potent solvents into your carpet. Ensuring the mixture of the solvents with the dirt and the stain residue. In addition, topping it off with strong steaming and suction for the now released residue and dirt. Tustin has many beautiful homes with high grade carpets. However, as much as your top notch carpet can hold off stains. If not maintained often, it would too become dirty and potentially have blocked stains on it and matted areas. So, please contact us for more details and booking of your next Tustin carpet cleaning service needs.

Upholstery Cleaning in Tustin.

You sofa and couch in the house act very much like your carpet. It has a layer of usage, which is the upholstery, or the carpet. While both have a pad underneath to buffer between the surfaces and create a cushion like feeling. Therefore, upholstery cleaning should be approached in a similar manner to carpet cleaning. Nevertheless, as you may have noticed, the pad in your upholstery is much thicker than you carpet pad. In addition, the upholstery is a much more delicate material than the carpet. So, much more care and special upholstery cleaning tools are needed in order to achieve the best and safest results with your upholstery cleaning. And we have the right tools for the toughest jobs.Upholstery cleaning in Tustin is a sought after service as many of you keep a high grade and very comfortable couches at home. We strongly advise to periodically maintain the freshness of your upholstery in order to save time in the long run. That way your upholstery furniture will last many more years.

Air Duct cleaning in Tustin.

In your large and beautiful Tustin home, every major season requests the usage of your HVAC system. That means you are using the main air system in your house in order to cool off or heat up the place. For that, your air duct system, is using the main return in order to suck in air and spread it out. Therefore, when you air duct system is sucking dirty air into dirty filters, you will notice the low quality of air immediately. More than likely you will get allergies and a constant running nose.Therefore, a periodical maintenance and air duct cleaning service will kill the dust and germs in your air vents. Doing so will help tremendously the flow of air and the quality of it. Air duct cleaning in Tustin is mostly scheduled right before the winter and the hot summer days. Hurry up and book your air duct cleaning in Tustin Today.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Tustin.

Although commercial carpet cleaning is very similar to residential carpet cleaning, some changes in approach are still needed. When we are called for commercial carpet cleaning in Tustin or anywhere in Orange County, we mostly need to take a look at the condition first. Commercial carpets normally see much higher foot traffic than the average carpet in your home. Therefore, using the proper equipment is necessary to reach all corners of the building and get a deep extraction without hurting the short piled carpet. Contact us for more information about our Tustin carpet cleaning services.