Area Rug Cleaning Service in Detail.

You may have noticed how the area rug cleaning service has changed drastically over the past years. Years ago the common practice of area rug cleaning was to send it to the dry cleaners. However, dry cleaning for the area rug would normally take well over a week and cost $3/sq ft and over. Since the last economy shake many of you have chosen to get your area rug cleaning performed at home instead. That way you would get your area rug cleaned for less and have it ready on the same day. On average you can save over 50% of the cost to clean your rug. Moreover, for wool rugs and oriental rugs, the cost for cleaning used to reach upwards of $6-$7/sq ft for dry cleaning. That means the higher end area rugs would cost around $500 to clean. Of course much more expensive than carpet cleaning services.

Area Rug Cleaning Service For The Various Rug Types.

The most common area rug found in your home is a synthetic rug. Then you have the wool rug and oriental rugs. here you will find in depth information about the cleaning process of the difference area rugs.

Synthetic Area Rug Cleaning.

The synthetic area rug is made out of the same material as the regular carpet. Therefore, it is the least expensive area rug to clean. However, synthetic area rugs still cost more to clean than regular carpet. That is because both sides of the rug normally should get cleaned and treated properly in order to maintain the freshness of the rug.

Wool Area Rug Cleaning.

Wool rugs are made out of wool, a natural fiber material. Therefore, the reaction of the wool to the various carpet cleaning products and heat could be devastating. Therefore, special type of wool rug cleaning products cover the safety of the discoloration and shrinkage of the rug. It demands high level of expertise in order to clean the rug while maintaining its distinct artistic look.

Oriental Area Rug Cleaning.

The oriental rugs are the rarest find. Having an oriental rug in the house is used as a decorative piece and should be taken care of very gently. Therefore, the highest level of care and expertise should be performed when cleaning oriental rugs. It is very similar to the wool rug cleaning service, however still very different. Very special rug cleaning products are made for oriental rugs. In addition, knowing the right amount of pressure and heat should be practiced. Therefore, you would still find the oriental area rug cleaning more expensive, yet still much cheaper than dry cleaning.

Area Rug Cleaning in Lake Forest.

We are proud to say that Lake Forest has a large population that has beautiful sets of wool and oriental rugs. Moreover, throughout the years we have kept and maintained the beautiful pieces at the best condition. We offer same day area rug cleaning service in Lake Forest and would love to share with you our wisdom and expertise. Please contact us for more information about area rug cleaning service in Lake Forest.